As Decibel Metal & Beer Fest 2023 draws near, we are excited to reveal OBSIDIAN CROWN. This is the very first Khemmis beer ever, which is pretty wild considering how closely our band’s history is intertwined with beer. The irony of it happening now, when neither Dave nor I drink, is certainly not lost on us either. However, we can all absolutely agree that we are stoked to have our name associated with the work of our very own Zach Coleman, a brewer who is (rightfully) recognized as a master of his craft. Zach shared the following thoughts on this collaboration.

At some point on every Khemmis tour, Phil and I get an Old Rasputin (from North Coast). I don’t know why it became a thing exactly, but it’s probably because it’s a great old-school beer: roasty as hell, bitter, not too sweet. So, when I started thinking about what a Khemmis beer should be, that was the immediate inspiration. Knowing that I could call on the masterful maltsters at Troubadour Maltings to provide us with the best roasted malts on the market also made it an easy decision. 

Expect a big stout that’s relatively dry (compared to the insulin-spiking monsters of lactose/pastry hell of now-a-days), bitter with floral and dank hop notes, and roasty, rounding the beer out with notes of coffee and bittersweet chocolate. It should be perfect for a metal fest in Denver at the heart of winter.

This beer will only be available at dB Metal & Beer Fest on Dec 1 and 2 2023. There are only a handful of tickets remaining for Day 1, headlined by your favorite group of doomed heavy metal maniacs. See y’all there.


Obsidian Crown Beer