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Art by Sam Turner

Latest Release

  1. Avernal Gate7:10
  2. House of Cadmus6:46
  3. Living Pyre5:13
  4. Shroud of Lethe8:25
  5. Obsidian Crown5:48
  6. The Astral Road8:23


    Khemmis band

    Happy Deceiver Day!

    I am filled with gratitude to see Deceiver released worldwide via the mighty Nuclear Blast. This record is the culmination of the darkest days in...

    House of Cadmus

    Often, the toughest but most gratifying part of making art is giving in fully to your darkest instincts, desires, and fears and thrusting...
    Deceiver Album Art Khemmis

    A New Chapter

    This is a very exciting day for us! We can officially announce that our new album, Deceiver, is coming your way on November...

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