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Art by Sam Turner

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  1. In the Pines3:55
  2. Sigil4:35


    Obsidian Crown Beer

    Khemmis X TRVE Presents OBSIDIAN CROWN

    As Decibel Metal & Beer Fest 2023 draws near, we are excited to reveal OBSIDIAN CROWN. This is the very first Khemmis beer...
    khemmis tour 2023

    Deceiver Headlining Tour 2023

    We are psyched to announce the Deceiver North America MMXXIII Tour, our first stateside headlining run in nearly four years. Progressive rippers Conjurer...
    Khemmis band

    Happy Deceiver Day!

    I am filled with gratitude to see Deceiver released worldwide via the mighty Nuclear Blast. This record is the culmination of the darkest days in...

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